An Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing That Still Works in 2019


Social Media Marketing is now a days a must strategy to get massive success on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube etc. Businesses can increase their sales volume by large if they implement their social media plan effectively.

Businesses are now paying more attention to their online social presence than ever. Why is social media important for business? The simple answer is targeted and huge audience that are using social media platforms like a sacred duty. According to nelison, On an average a adult american is spending 11 hours a day to listening, watching,reading and interacting with social media or any kind of media. This kind of social frenzy enables brands and other businesses to capitalize this potential in their favors.

Is Social Media Marketing Really Works Still in 2019

Yes it is now working more than ever because of increasing mobile and internet users across the world. According to Datareportal, More than 100 million mobile phone users added in 2108. In 2019, More than 1 million internet users are adding per day. This enormous new user base is urging all the businesses to spend their money and time to get benefits from this new prospect wave. If you analyze the ranking of all the top social media giants, you will come to know that all these websites are in top 25. So no one can deny the importance of having a working Social Media Marketing Plan can win you massive new customers.

What is Social Media Planning in a nutshell?

social media planning

In a nutshell, Social Media Planning is a strategy that enables you to plan a set of activities to achieve a desired result. Let say, You want to get 100 Instagram followers by the end of week. If you achieve this set target then it means your strategy is working. If you don’t reach your target then you have to tweak your planning to get desired output. You can apply the same formula on other platform in the same fashion.

1- Follow S.M.A.R.T Rule


This is the essence of your online social strategy goal and this will determine your success rate on a long run. Set specific achievable target and do everything to get them before deadline. Every goal i achievable, if you put some energy and dedication into it. Always work smart and be flexible about the change. Don’t be stubborn, if you have to change your planning then do it without wasting of time. As Einstein said, “It is madness to do same thing again and again and expect a different result”

2- Analyze Audience Persona

In an online world, Users belong to different persona groups. As a creative content creator, You have to identify that audience persona and tailor your strategy around it. This is the only way to get massive return on time and money in a long run.

It is better to make at-least 2 to 5 audience persons and make your products or services around it to get targeted audience. You don’t have to miss an opportunity here so put some time to research about it and develop tailor made products and services that satisfy the specific audience needs.

3- Social Media Metrics Are Important!

Social Media Metrics are the pillars on which your social business is built on. If you show negligence here then it will be a recipe for disaster for your social success. Your social media marketing strategy should be data-driven because having likes and share is a good but it don’t have any value if it is not converting into meaningful sales and conversion.

  • Engagement – This is most important metrics that you should care about while analyzing your social profiles data. Because eventually, it is the one who build long lasting relationship with customers. So always thinks of the way how to increase the engagement for your products and services.
  • CTR – Click Through Rate is also a very important metric to consider because even if you are getting high CTR on your posts but you are making more sales then it means there is something problem that needs your attention on urgent basis. Posting creative content with good Call to Action is always a winning move.
  • Hashtags – Compile a list of best hashtags that are performing well and representing your brand best. Always be creative in your approach and try to find a way to make them trendy.
  • Sentiments – Always consider the sentiments of the users. For example, if you run a new campaign and if people find it abusive or offensive in a way then try to deal the situation in the best manner. There is no shame for being apologetic to your fans/audience/customers if they don’t like something about your new post or activity.

4- Perform Social Audit

Performing social audit on regular basis will keep your social accounts in a healthy state. You should know what is working well or what is not. If xyz strategy is working on then continue to make it more better. If something is not performing well then don’t waste your time and energy on it and better to comes out with something new to replace it.

There are some free social auditing tools that can speed up the process and will give you an opportunity to look deeper. Social Auditing makes your accounts health in check and helps your account growth. Some of the free tools you can use for auditing.

  • Tailwind
  • Social Baker
  • SumAll
  • Klear

5- Reverse Engineering Competitors


Spying on your competitors is the best weapon that you can use against them or you can get benefit from it. Keep an close eye what is your competitors doing because this will give you an idea what are things that brings more engagement and social likes. Copy the exact recipe and tweak it a bit according to your product/brand requirement then present your dish to the world. Always choose those campaigns and posts from competitors that proved to be a winner.

6- Audience Engagement is Key

Don’t post your content just for the sake of likes and followers, Add value to your audience by interacting with them. You have to build relationship with them because once you win their trust then they will be a loyal brand ambassador for your products. Add engagement though quizzes, free giveaways, start meaningful discussions and create unique hashtags. Always reply ASAP to their queries and your business mentions. Once you convey the message that customer care is a high priority for you then you have a big chance to win their confidence. Loyal Users acts like a free marketing agents so treat them like a king is a good strategy.

6- Create a Social Post Calendar

This is a very key point to be noted that post frequency and timing is very vital to get maximum reach. Make a time table which time is the best to post for your audience. This can be vary platform to platform. May be a time to post for instagram audience is different than facebook or twitter. Once you figure out, you can use these best social post scheduling tools to make your life easier. Don’t post too much otherwise you will