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Pinterest Marketing In Dubai

Pinterest is the hub where the craftiest and most artistic millennials are in. With over 200 million users monthly, not only millennials are using this social media platform. This is where people look for inspiration and where they seek new items and products to buy. In other words, different brands are here to satiate the needs of the consumers.



Pinterest is more than just seeing and saving ideas – it does more than just offering aesthetic and artsy visuals. In fact, it is an important platform especially in penetrating valuable demographics; hence, a good factor that helps in the decision-making of the social media users.


Creating a Pinterest Business Account has a specific procedure – you can go to the page and choose Join as a Business you can convert your own personal Pinterest account into a business account anytime you want as well; you just need to fill in additional information.


Pinterest’s Analytics is considered as one of the best features of the Platform, especially for business accounts. It has important tracking information that lets you see the right content and strategies to work on, so your marketing would improve and enhance. There are promising tools as well that can keep you updated and your site, functional.


At Poke and Tag, we know how to make your Pinterest account as effective as possible – helping in the growth of your brand in the platform and giving you essential Pinterest Marketing techniques.