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Influencer Marketing in Dubai


Influencer Marketing has been rampant in the present already. With the use of Social Media, people have been doing in and about vlogging. Through these vlogs, influencers are able to communicate and connect with the viewers ( i.e customers ) about almost everything. Some vloggers have thousands and millions of followers from all over the world. Their vlogs ( video content ) are being shared all over the internet – hence, reaching customers from different parts of the world.


In Influencer Marketing, you support these influencers ( people who create anticipated content on the internet ) and allow them to talk about your brand – your products, services, and everything about you.


Recent studies found that influencer marketing method is as effective as outbound marketing and traditional marketing because it yields greater and better customer relationships. And in the digital era, we are in today; influencer marketing is just the right tool for you to drive awareness for your brand. Through Influencer Marketing:


  • You will have a better word-of-mouth advertising
  • You will be exposed to more expert opinions from different people
  • You will have a strong social proof


With these three factors mentioned it will make your customers feel confident in your brand; hence, raising customer loyalty and trust. Your audience loves to read, listen, and see what brands have to offer – so, why not take it to the next level?


If you want to know more about Influencer Marketing, we, Poke and Tag are more than glad to help you in giving effective strategies and methodologies regarding how you can utilize influencers expand your brand awareness.