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About us


Poke & Tag is a newly launched division company of Dow Group (Learn More) leading in digital services across Lebanon and Dubai, UAE. Social media marketing has contributed to the success of many businesses over the years. Due to the high interest in social media, and with more than 14 years of experience Dow group has created Poke & Tag to accommodate the growing number of clients interested in shifting their traditional marketing efforts into online marketing, to complement their marketing plan.

We specialize in providing social media services to suit your unique social media marketing plans and assist you in expanding your business’ growth. At Poke & Tag, we enable you to feature your business on social media sites. Our wide range of social media services range from Facebook advertising to social media app development. Our services facilitate your business to better reach your target audience by creating an online community that translates into a return on your marketing investment.

We are committed to assist in the growth of your business, using solid marketing strategies to attract, engage and convert social media users into clients and customers. We have delightfully branched out from Lebanon to Dubai to help you achieve you market your business.


Unique Strategy

Set your business apart from competitors and reach a wider market by developing a unique online community for your brand.


Innovative Media Planning

We ensure your marketing objectives are being set and met, and that your brand is differentiated from competing brands.

Brand Experience Creation

Create a one-of-a-kind and unique brand experience for your customers using our creative social media techniques.


Awareness Planning

Have your company gain massive exposure in the market and make your products widely recognised by potential customers.


Lead Generation

Creative leads that create consumer interest in your brand and products that translate into greater brand awareness.


Influencer Marketing

Allow your business to identify and reach individuals that have an influence over buyers, and orient your marketing activities accordingly.